Symantha Morales is a graduate from the University of Southern Maine. With a degree in Music Education, she spends her days at Sacopee Valley Middle School and High School as a music teacher. This is her first year working at Gorham Arts! Her vocal training began in Windham, and she went on to teach at Main Stage Academy for 4 years. Symantha enjoys working with the students of all ages, and seeing them grow into amazing musicians!

Bachelor of Music - University of Southern Maine
Music Education Major

Symantha joined the Community Arts Center in 2019


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Melody has taken private flute lessons for over 8 years, studying under Alexandra Petropolous, Jean Rosenblum, and Krysia Tripp. Melody was a member of the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra; she enjoys playing with the USM Concert Band and Southern Maine Symphony Orchestra. She also takes voice lessons with Elisabeth Marshall, sings with the USM Chamber Singers, and serves in music at her church.

Melody began teaching private flute lessons in the Summer of 2015. She believes that music is very important and that every child interested in music should be given a fair chance to learn. She hopes to pass on the love of music and the gift of musical expression to the next generation.

Bachelors of Music - University of Southern Maine
Music Education Major

Melody joined the Community Arts Center in 2014.

Guitar; Electric Bass

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Bernie has been playing guitar most of his adult life. He enjoys songwriting, playing in his band and teaching others the joy of playing guitar. He has devoted his career to teaching art, theater, and music to pre-school and school age children and most recently teaching adult group guitar lessons.

He has taught classes at Fiddlehead Art and Science Center, was musical director for the WCST’s Alicein Wonderland Jr in 2013, and was co-owner of The Creative Cottage, an art-focused program for school age children. Bernie is a passionate supporter of community theater and currently enjoys singing, playing bass and guitar as well as performing stand-up comedy.

University of Maine-Orono

Bernie joined the Community Arts Center in 2017.

Beginner Piano

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Marissa enjoys singing classical, musical theater, and jazz music.  She directs high school drama in Scarborough and has been musical director for children's summer productions.  Marissa also performs several times throughout the year in the community to stay inspired, but to her the most inspiring moments are watching her students grow in confidence.  She want to coach students into a deeper understanding of musicianship and song presentation by strengthening their singing technique and stage presence.  Marissa also teaches beginner piano. 

Gordon College - Voice Performance

Marissa joined the Community Arts Center in 2018.


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Jenna Guiggey, mezzo-soprano, is a singer and music educator. Jenna performs a diverse and demanding array of repertoire, including early Baroque, classic and modern musical theater, pop, rock, and contemporary choral music.

Jenna studied classical voice with Ellen Chickering and Bruce Fithian at the University of Southern Maine where she serves on the artist faculty of the School of Music.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Master of Music - Concentration in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy

Jenna joined the Community Arts Center in 2018.


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Laurel has been teaching music and theater at various locations in Maine.  She has taught music classes at Fiddlehead Art and Science Center, Songbird Creative Center, and the Gorham Art Alliance. She has directed many productions for children and teens and has taught theater classes at various after-school programs such as Breakwater, Fiddlehead Arts and Science Center, and the Dunn School.

Bachelor of Arts -  Mount Holyoke College

Laurel joined the Community Arts Center in 2015.